Saturday, October 31, 2020

Life Advice That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS!

"Without Hope, the People Perish!"

In this time of GLOOM & DOOM with not much hope on the horizon, ladies and gentleman, I would like to assure you that all this shall pass and as an Individual, as People and as a  Nation we will be Better, Stronger and more Resilient than EVER... 

Clayton Sampson, The American Dream & YOU!
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Arriving from Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, Clayton achieved the American Dream after being introduced to an opportunity by a waitress. Clayton earned 12 million in 7 years and wants to share the information with you.

Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires Revealed!



Change Your Mind - Change Your Life - Change Your Destiny...
All Change Starts In Your MIND!
Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - Denzel Washington

Dr. Shiva, an Average Boy from NJ, Presents...
Saving America Through Innovation & Inspiration!

Dr, Shiva Ayyadurai is running for Senate in the state of Massachusetts, in the very heart of the DS elite establishment.  Immigrant from India at the age of 7, he and his family came here to make a life in the land the free and the home of the brave. 

The Inventor of Email, Dr. Shiva holds 4 degrees from MIT, is a Fulbright Scholar, and has started 7 successful hi-tech companies including EchoMail, CytoSolve and Systems Health. He is currently the Founder and CEO of CytoSolve, Inc., which is discovering cures for major diseases from Pancreatic Cancer to Alzheimer’s. He is also the Founder of Center for Integrative Systems that is the home of Innovation Corps and C.L.E.A.N./R.A.W. certifications.

Who does Covid19 fearmongering serve?

Truth - Freedom - Health


In a Culture of  LIES and DECEIT...Don't Be a CHUMP, a SUCKER - VERIFY!

With all of the major world players; the tech and media giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter), Legacy Media (NYT, Washington Post, etc.), the Pope, China, the Climate Change mob, and the One World Government crowd, all pushing for a solution to our current dilemma we are witnessing the rise of  TECHNOCRACY, the DESIGNATED future rulers of the world! 
After expert data analysis it is evident that the “Great Panic of 2020” has been weaponized to create the biggest economic/political/cultural coup in the history of the world...And to Usher In The UN’s 2030 Agenda Ten Years Early!
Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, is the endgame of the global elite who want control over all resources on earth, including people.
 The 2020 Election Tax Comparison: Trump v. Biden


AGE IS NOT A FACTOR - Elderly Man Hailed as Hero After Saving Driver from Sinking Car.
US POSTAL SERVICE - Postal Worker Hears Bloodcurdling Scream, Uses Belt To Help Save Elderly Man's Life.

SERVING HUMANITY - Samaritan's Purse recently announced its deployment of a new field hospital to the Bahamas to assist that country's health care system, which is being overwhelmed by the intensifying pandemic.


Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste!
 Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything. ― Joseph Stalin


Defining Social Justice | Dr. Voddie Baucham


CHINA PARTY ALL IN FOR BIDEN - Far-Left Operatives Created An Anti-Trump Website With Offices in China To Expose The Addresses Of Local Trump Donors For Possible Antifa And BLM Targeting
JOE'S MEGA DEAL - Biden Family’s MULTI MILLION $$ Scheme with China, Ukraine and others.



A Large Danish Study on Mask Wearing Is Being Delayed by Publishers of Major Medical Journals – Therefore Preventing the Results from Being Made Public.
Man plotted to Assassinate Biden. Media Buries the STORY.
NPR Refuses to Report
on Growing Biden Scandal: We Don’t Want to Waste Listeners’ Time.
Doctors speak out on Coronavirus misinformation.


YouTube Age-Restricts the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Twitter Now Censoring Government Websites from Sharing the Hunter Biden Story.
Police Invade Private Homes of Orthodox Jews to Crack Down on Gatherings.
CENSORED - Facebook Whistleblower Exposes "Hate-Speech Engineering" Group, Staffed With Chinese Nationals.


Parents Have Choices Too!

In a victory for Wisconsin parents, a judge has ruled that school district employees cannot lie or deceive parents about the gender identity their child may have adopted at school.
The Brave browser - More than 2X FASTER than Chrome & Safari and it WON'T spy on you. It's FREE!
How a Simple But Fatal Math Mistake by US Covid-19 Experts Caused the World to Panic and Order Lockdowns.

U.S. Congressmen push a bipartisan digital ID package.
Chinese Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Provides Proof COVID-19 was Created by China’s Military.
Cable TV FREE - Eliminate Your Cable Bill! Enjoy Unlimited TV and Streaming Media on Your TV, Computer, Internet Connected Devices and Phones World Wide!


Lungs damaged by Coronavirus can repair themselves in three months.
Follow these Ayurvedic dietary techniques to enjoy a calmer and healthier Fall season.
Holland’s Top Scientists Say There’s No Evidence Face Masks Work — And May Actually Cause More Harm.

- Vigorous Breaths Boost Heart, Brain.
LIKE A S.E.A.L.  - Relive Stress - Anxiety - Stop Panic Attacks - Relax - BOX BREATHING - Breathing Exercises The Navy Seal Way!

RECIPE OF THE MONTH - Renee Hillenius

Slow-Cooked Salsa Chicken Wraps Recipe

GO TO: Recipes => Sauces

  • Ready in: 4 hours,
  • 30 minutes Prep time
  • 5 minutes Chill/Cook
Be GOOD to the Environment! ... Christine Cornish
Doing good means doing right for people and our planet! Environmentally-conscious products that reduce waste at every turn, and empower people. Together we will better our people, our planet, and our communities. 

In Today's World, Supplementation Is Essential For Good Health.

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University of Northern Iowa bans pro-life club...Labels it a ‘hate group.’

Catholic Cardinal
- 'It's Better to Vote for a Good Protestant Than a Bad Catholic.'

Pope Francis
Becomes First Gay Affirming Pontiff.
Pope Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven.

  News From Around The World...

Politics USA
- As Communist China Rises, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s Communists Ties Re-Surf...Does China Own Nancy Pelosi And The Democratic Party?

Turkey - Turkey’s Armenian community is becoming increasingly fearful about reprisals as fighting rages in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has the support of the Turkish government.
The Dutch Have Joined the "Dark Side!"

  Insanity / Hypocrisy Exposed 

VOTE AS WE SAY OR ELSE - Democrats Send Letters Threatening To Burn Down Trump Supporters’ Homes.
Hail Molech - Like a scene from the bible, the United Nations is creating a global consortium of abortion providers, demanding that the killing of one’s own baby be elevated to the status of a human right. Even Adolf Hitler, in his wildest fantasies creating factories dedicated to the destruction of human souls, didn’t think this big. Why is this happening now?
A ‘Human Right’ - The partnership, headed by the WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research, will bring together U.N. entities with the world’s largest abortion providers, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Ipas, and Marie Stopes International, to promote “comprehensive abortion care,” including access to self-administered telemedicine abortion, as an essential service and a “human right.”

Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide
everything. ―
Joseph Stalin



Islam – The prevailing view of Islam in the west is that Islam is a religion of peace based on the Quran as taught by Muhammad. In reality, Islam is much more than just a religion. 

It is a socioeconomic, political, and religious totalitarian system where the state under the Caliph, has no limit to its authority and regulates every aspect of public and private life.

Islams objective is world domination at any cost and by any means possible. There are post-Communist societies and post-Nazi societies but, there are no post Islamic societies. 

Does the Religion of PEACE condone Murder, Rape, and  Slavery? 
YES it Does! Where is the outcry from the NOW Gang, Politicians, Religious Leaders and Christians in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA?

  • Useful Idiots - To accomplish the task of infiltrating and destroying Western Civilization, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand from within; Islamist and Progressive operatives need useful idiots just like the communists did. Muslims believe that all non-Muslims, bar none, are hellfire bound and well-deserve being maltreated, abused, raped, tortured and murdered. It's every Muslims duty to wage Jihad on ALL unbelievers. In spite of declarations to the contrary, Progressive and Islamist operatives do NOT believe in peaceful coexistence but in total victory by any means possible! This month's useful idiot(s) for Islam: Joe Biden



“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed
to repeat it.”
- Sir Winston Churchill

In the year 500 B.C., a Chinese Warrior by the name of Sun Tsu wrote a small treatise entitled The Art of War in which he said: “If a man knows himself and knows his opponent, he need not fear a hundred battles. If he knows himself but not his opponent, for every victory, he will suffer a defeat. If he knows neither himself nor his opponent, he will suffer defeat in every battle.

The Best Lessons from 'Art of War'

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Essential Guide To The Threat Posed To America By The Muslim Brotherhood!
Modern Day Holocaust Clock
Political Islam 

Rules for Radicals | Saul D. Alinsky
Useful Idiots

We don't  know what the future holds but it would be a good idea to have at least 2-4 weeks of dry, none perishable food like rice, beans, canned goods, coffee, water, powdered milk, medicine, etc., on hand for your family in case of an emergency...
And most IMPORTANT... Secure your eternal destiny!


A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine, But a Broken Spirit Dries Up the Bones   
- Proverbs 17:22

I LOVE...The Wisdom Of Forrest Gump!  

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does!"

Granny and Jed discuss the upcoming election...

Think About It, One Liners & Other Funny Things...


Tasered picking up my friend from the airport today. Apparently security don’t like it when you shout ‘hi-Jack’.

Saudi Prince

A Saudi prince recently requested that naked statues be covered up while visiting Rome. Apparently his 9 year old wife found them offensive. 

Flying Pig

Q. What’s the difference between a flying pig and a politician?
A. The letter F.

Politicians and Diapers have one thing in common...They should both be changed regularly… and for the same reason!


Girlfriend: "Am I pretty or ugly?"
Boyfriend: "You're both."
Girlfriend: "What do you mean?"
Boyfriend: "You're pretty ugly."

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"If you can't fly, then run;  if you can't run, then walk; if you
can't walk, then crawl;  but whatever you do, you have to
keep moving forward."
- Martin Luther King


Imagine Life Without Debt, Life of
Abundance and Prosperity...

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Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. - Proverbs 21:21 NIV
Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn. - Benjamin Franklin